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December 31, 2012

Happy New Year! We are sending good wishes out for 2013 and are hoping your 2012 holiday has been joyous.

This is our combined 2011 and 2012 update of activities because a year ago we were so caught up in acting that we didn’t get around to reporting.

These two years brought their challenges. Jude’s uncle Ed Preissle died early in January 2012 at the grand old age of 95. When we visited him the previous summer at his home in Houston, Missouri, he was full of stories about his journey to Washington, DC, with other WWII veterans over the 2011 Memorial Day weekend.


Our dear friend Jean Bryan lost a brief struggle with cancer the day before Ed died. Jude was active in Jean’s Share-the-Care group, organized shortly after the cancer diagnosis in spring 2011. We are grateful for everyone who worked so hard to make Jean’s final months comfortable.


We had to give up our schnauzer Bilbo Baggins in 2011. Then in 2012 we lost the other two rescues we adopted in 1999, our pug Gus and our schnauzer Jolly Cotton. They gave us over a decade of companionship, lots of fun, and enduring affection. We miss them every day.


However, Miss B, the 15-17 year-old pug we adopted in 2009, continues to find her way to her food bowl twice a day. She won the 2012 calendar contest for the Southeast Pug Rescue and Adoption (SEPRA) group we are volunteers for and was the January 2012 pin-up girl.


Much more lively is our five-year-old tuxedo cat Natty who continues to rule the roost over our remaining schnauzer Charlie and the pair of pugs we adopted this fall.


Paisley and Harley were surrendered to SEPRA in 2011, and we have fostered them most of the time since then. They will be 12 years old this spring and have some health complications so we thought it would be better for them to just stay put with us.


In addition to working with SEPRA and our Jackson County Humane Society, we started volunteering for Schnauzer Love Rescue in 2011, which serves the southeastern region of the United States. We regularly make home visits for prospective adopters and have had foster dogsā€”schnauzers and pugs mostly--for only a weekend, only a week, or as long as a couple of months. Right now our foster is Apple Annie, a schnauzer Mark pulled from a shelter Dec. 4, the day before she was due to be euthanized. Because she is a December dog and came to us with no name, we named her for the character transformed in “A Pocketful of Miracles.”


Our other 2011 adventures were taking care of our niece Patti’s two golden retrievers, Spiro and Sage, for a couple of summer months and our first attendance of the national conference of the International Wizard of Oz Club at Beech Mountain, North Carolina, the site of a restored Oz theme park.



Immediately following were several anxious weeks while we waited for our water well to be successfully replaced. Contemplating a home without water was no fun. But we celebrated the new well with a trip to New Jersey to visit Patti and her family, husband Mike and children Jeremy and Rachel, for Thanksgiving. The dogs loved the beach and ocean!


Meantime our nephew Frankie and his family have made several visits to Georgia recently because grandnephew Josh is now a student at Georgia Tech. We don’t discuss the UGA-GA Tech rivalries, of course. :)

On the same summer trip in 2011 when we visited Jude’s uncle, we enjoyed another reunion of her Thompson cousins in St. Louis. Here is a picture of many of us at the 2010 reunion.



Then fall 2012 Ginny Ryan, Jim Thompson, Eileen and Fred Bader, and Linda Rolufs came for the 2012 reunion at our house the last weekend in October, and the cousins joined us for Pugfest in Atlanta, the annual SEPRA celebration. Linda Rolufs came back again to celebrate Christmas 2012 with us.

Jude agreed to assume some administrative tasks for 2012-2013 only because she plans to retire from UGA summer 2013 after 38 years of service. She hopes to become more involved in animal rescue, continue writing, and spend a lot of time gardening, reading, and walking dogs. Mark is also considering his retirement possibilities.

Here are our foster dog collection for 2011-2012, in addition to those already mentioned.

Sasha (Harley and Paisley’s puppy) and Brutus, pugs--June 2011


Emma and Sebastian, schnauzers, September to November 2011


Carmie, puggle, December 2011


Willie, pug, Dec. 2011-Jan. 2012


Winnie (AKA Digby), schnauzer mix, May 2012: reunited with his family when our vet discovered his chip


Bernie Mac, pug puppy, June 2012


Hansel and Gretel, schnauzers, June-July 2012


Rocky, pug, September-October 2012


Pumpkin, chihuahua for HSJC, September-October 2012